Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A bit of peace and serenity.. sorta

It's weird.

Somehow the grumpy-old-man phase went fast for me, I sped right into it, and after a couple of years dawdling around in it there is now a lot less interest in things I cannot effect for the better.

This means a lot of mental energy, and feeling responses energy isn't being burned up with me being, well, burned-up about something/someone's behaviour.

How's that going for me you may ask ??

Pretty bloody good really.

Seriously. Most of the time now there is a calmness inside me, unless I let the mind wander into what-ifs and other thoughts... which happens a fair bit still :) but at least I catch myself not being here n now.

Just thought I would share that with anyone who may still read this almost totally inactive Blog, in the hopes they may realise the same thing for themselves....

.. if you can positively change a thing then go for it... but if you know it cannot be changed, don't put energy into it.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Tom Waterhouse; The perfect GenY example.

Yep, I said it.

Tom Waterhouse, "You'll see less of me now".

And then he goes into trying to justify what he has been doing showing up on TV shows as a presenter to hawk his massive profit making gambling business.

The whole way through the report I see young Tom.. he is only 30.. talking Me, Me, Me.. and totally missing the point that Gambling is bad news, causes serious issues in families and seems to only be good for one person.. the Bookie.. in this case the high profile Tom Waterhouse.

Yep, perfect GenY behaviour right there.

And they say we need to get up with the times... Pffftt.. they need to grow a socially aware brain to discover the universe does not revolve around them and what they want to do.

Monday, 13 May 2013

No Rants lately ?

I know, us old blokes are supposed to rant all the time about how bad the world is, how youth are screwed-up, etc. But you know... what's the point ?

No one actually listens to our concerns until they are directly affected themselves. When they do hear you or read your rant, they automatically think you are nuts, a stupid old man, and in need of getting up with the times, etc.

So they miss the message completely.

Which brings me to my question... What's the point ?

If no one listens, if no one takes one or two important facts on board for consideration then there is no real point to any of it.

In which case that means I am wasting my time and effort in trying to help people see what is going on all around them, all the time. Most of you want to move on through life wearing blinders.. I don't want to see!!!

So people like me can put you into an uncomfortable place.. and the option taken in those times is to close the webpage and do something else. No getting off your bum to start a movement for better, no speaking up in public so we can all go about our day to day stuff without hearing offensive language and seeing offensive behaviours around us. How sad.

So I think I should give up trying to show anyone anything.

And as I turn away from the ranting times, I begin to think a happy thought... I get my new front tyre on the bike today.. Yay!! So let's hope no bastards offend me in public today, coz I will have to speak up anyway. If no one tells them, how can they learn ?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Heavy Rain + Motorcycle = Adventure

I went to Brisvegas Saturday. Left home and it started to rain a little, then more, then more, and then even more, and yep, then even more rain. Heaviest rain I've ridden a bike in. Ever!

Couldn't see more than 20 to 25 feet at best and was focused on not running in the deep lines created by heavy transport, as they can be anywhere from 1 inch to 3 or 4 inches deep, so a good chance of aquaplaning, or even worse hitting a submerged pothole. Oh, and the rest of the time I ws focused on trying to miss potholes that emerged from the trailer ahead of me. It had bright tail lights in the spray and rain so if he could see the road, I was okay following.

Besides.. it isn't wise to try and stop or slow down a lot because chances are a large semi will bear down upon you and not seeing you until it is too late, shuffles you off the mortal coil. So, is best to keep going.

This ride was the most awesome moment by moment adventure I can remember since rally driving, last century.

Ok, how wet did the old bloke get ?

After the first hour, and finally off the range, I stopped at a Servo to empty out the boots I was wearing. Seriously. My gauntlets where heavy and had a stream of water leaking out of them. Leather jacket was 4 x heavier than normal, the quilted jacket underneath was saturated. So was my phone, my tobacco, everything, money stuck together, lol.

Before I emptied my boots I topped up the fuel tank and when paying for it inside I looked at the floor.. there was a puddle of water around my feet, and it was growing, fast. I told the girl behind the counter that she will need a bucket and mop where I'm standing, she thought I was joking cause she didn't look. Oh well, she would have gotten a nice surprise when she saw it. River in aisle one!!

Anyway, I got about a glass of water out of each boot, another quarter glass just from the socks, each glove accounted for another quarter glass, and, about two or more glasses from the inside jacket, too mch was in the leather jacket on the outside. It was so heavy to take off and put back on again.

But, what an adventure!

The tyres on Pearl worked perfectly, except for one patch where the bike aquaplaned for a couple of feet, and one time in the City on a roundabout. Okay so it is double-pissing down with rain, 70% of peak hour traffic, and as I lean around to the right (still in 2nd gear slowly riding) the front tyre slipped followed immediately by the rear tyre. I didn't see the oil or diesel or whatever was there but "caught it" right away as it did a double flop and continued down the road.. Upright

Like I said, a great adventure.

Rode home Sunday morning and it pelted down going through Brisvegas but began to ease after that to light-ish showers. Was even sunny at home. I could see the town lit-up in the distance while all around was various shades of rainy, cloudy greys. Was like having a light in the window to come home to at night.

I was glad to see four other bikes on the road Saturday, all Cruiser styled, and one with pillion. That's the spirit, its only water after all.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A poll on A Current Affairs website today....

I was watching the Hillsong segment and noticed the poll below the video window. So I read it and was shocked.

Are thieves who target elderly people cowards?
Yes  976
No   67

I was one of the people who voted Yes... obviously.

But my mind could not get around the fact that 67 responders DO think people targetting the elderly are NOT cowards !!

What does this tell you folks ?

About 8 percent of the population, if we are to accept the demographics of this poll, think targetting the elderly is OKAY.

This means the rest of us, the 92 percent, MUST stand up to Protect our Elderly from the 8 percent of the population that thinks it is okay to attack them.

What the hell is the world coming to ?

Only 20 or 30 years ago 100 percent of responders would have said YES, it is cowardly to attack the elderly. In just those few years we have bred a larger number of arseholes who don't give a shit about anyone but themselves.. as was witnessed by me only last Friday night and written about in the blog post right below this one.

How to fix it ?

Men.. STAND UP and be Counted now. Stop this shit from happening. It is Your DUTY... otherwise you are part of the problem and not the fix.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Idiots Galore...

While quietly watching the silly box waiting to be tired enough for sleep I heard loud swearing out front of my place, so I went to the window to have a look. There was someone in my yard with a small light and another person outside yelling abuse at the person in my yard.

So outside I went, coz I am not afraid. Not like all the other men in my street.. and probably your street.. who prefer to stay in the safety of their own house and not get involved.

Turns out the person in my yard is the abusive 20 something year old guys girlfriend, looking for the mobile phone he threw at the footpath in his stupid 14 year old, self important, spoilt brat behaviours.

As I was going out my door he slapped my letter box, and so knocked the lid half off it with a loud bang. And so I walked up to him with a light in his eyes.. as cops do.. and he yelled, "Get that fucking light out of my eyes c#nt"

At which point I considered grabbing his throat and walking him backwards until he realised he was about to get his arse kicked... but instead I decided to take the higher road and talk him down. Of course I don't take orders from anyone, especially not poorly behaved young men.. if you can call him that.

So I stepped right up to him and pointed my torch at the letterbox to ask him about it.. he of course did the usual Gen Y/Z thing and claimed he never touched it. I informed him I had seen him do that, and he was disturbing the peace in my street at midnight, to which he yelled.. "So fuckin what ?"

I then put my hand up to show where my space was in relation to him and asked him to be honest and I will help look for his phone. He of course just turned away and sat in the gutter while abusing his girlfriend for not looking hard enough to find the phone he threw away!

Yep.. very typical Gen Y/Z behaviours right there. So I asked his girlfriend as we looked around why he was so much more inportant than everyone else. She only said, "I don't know. He always does this shit. I don't know why I stay with him." Good girl.. now take that to the next obvious step and leave the dickhead.

So I then said to the young 'man', "I don't know why I am wasting my time looking for the phone you threw away and can't be bothered looking for yourself."

He got up and started walking away while saying, "I'll just leave my phone behind then.. give me yours now (to his girlfriend)". So as he started to walk away from my place I turned to come back inside.. then he threw his girlfriend's phone at the footpath and it smashed into a zillion bits that could not be found. Idiot.

After that he proceeded to abuse her for him having to throw both phones away.. what a childish dickhead he was.

So I quickly came indoors and grabbed my short door-manager... well I am in my 50's now.. and went back outside because I felt he was going to physically attack her. They got about 10 metres further up the footpath when he really began yelling abuse at her louder than before.. I walked out onto the footpath to watch what he would do in case the girl needed help.

And that's when he ran at her, grabbed both her arms and pushed her backwards into the wire fencing along the tennis courts nearby. That was enough for me, I called out to him, "OI!! Get your hands off her, BOY."

He yelled back, "Shut the fuck up c#nt and mind your own business or else."

Okay, so he gave me another order did he ? Well that won't work. So I started walking in his direction saying, "You don't hit or push women around, BOY."

"Oh really ?", he asked as he started to run towards me as if he was trying to scare me into submission. That won't work either. "I didn't punch her, so fuck off", was his next words to me as he approached in a fast jog.

So I kept walking casually towards him as he got closer, and put my hand up again to show where my safety space was for him.. but he kept coming and walked straight into my hand that was now in the middle of his chest... coz he was about 6 foot 2 inches tall.. he towered over me, and was trying to use what he thought was an advantage over me. Well that won't work either.

Once he realised my hand was pushing harder into his chest he freaked, "Don't fuckin touch me." He yelled like a windbag but didn't DO anything, and I was ready for anything. I pulled my hand down as he tried to swat it away.. and because his weight was against my hand, he started to fall forward into the neighbour's fence. He stumbled and then caught himself and I had moved around to his offside in case I needed to blow out his eardrum to stop him coming at me.

When he realised I had moved and he was now past me enough to have no chance to land a hit on me he quickly looked at the situation, saw I wasn't backing down, he saw the door manager in my hand, and then backed off immediately.

That's when I told him, "I didn't touch you, you walked into me trying to scare me."

By this time he realised it was better for him to leave.. so he did.. his girlfriend was already across the highway and he walked fast to catch up to her... but was not yelling anything, no more abuse or anything.

Then a 4x4 pulled up at the lights on the highway and they got in it.. he looked back at me once before getting in the car and leaving. And that was the last I saw of Mr Hero spoilt brat acting like a 14 year old with attitude.

Found some smashed bits of phone afterwards and so I threw them onto the footpath for him to find if he came back in the daylight. Woke up this morning and checked.. yep.. the bits were all gone.

And that is the saga of my encounter with yet another self-important Gen Y/Z'er that thinks they are superior to everyone else.. especially old blokes and girls.

Honestly, his Mum screwed him up big time by letting him rule her and the home as he was growing up. He only learned that he was more important than anyone else alive, that he could use his size and attitude to intimidate women and smaller men.

If he isn't now, he will become a women basher. I don't stand for that, never will.

It is every man's DUTY to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

So men need to stop being afraid of boys.

Oh for the good old days when men were men and didn't take shit from dickheads needing to learn a lesson in the real world.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Yay!! I got it...

After quite a bit of time being a grumpy old bastard I have finally come to understand something important.

And that is.... Unless someone effects me directly I have no need to be pissed off about their behaviour in public. Of course this does not apply when in my own house, so anyone behaves with disrespect and they get turfed out.. simple.

I was getting wound up about all the stupidity I see around me in every moment of every day..  some of which you can read in earlier posts here. I let the idiots get to me.. let them get under my skin. I tried to reform them by talking up and showing them a mirror.. all to no avail. Why ? Because they DO NOT CARE, they are "more important" and so they do not and cannot think of why they should improve their public behaviours.

The second issue was that no one else had the BALLS to speak up. Which tells me they are living in FEAR. I don't do fear, so was lacking in understanding why almost everyone else does. It confused me endlessly and caused me a lot of grief.

Now I get it. They are where they are in their overall perceptions, and there is NOTHING I can do to assist them into a clearer perception. So.. there is no point even trying.

Or as some wise person was alleged to have said a long time ago.... "Don't throw pearls before swine."

I used to hate that saying with a vengeance.. until I finally began to understand it is not being Judgemental on anyone, it is simply stating in the most simple of terms.. NOT to waste your energy, your breath, your thoughts on anything you cannot directly affect for the better.

So there ya have it. Simple idea, BIG gem to hold onto.

And hold onto it for dear life is something we will all be forced to do over the next year as we lose even more Freedoms and Rights, and have no recourse to have our say about it. There is NOTHING we can do to change anything that is oging on in the world around us today.

You do not have the power, nor do I.

So no point wasting anything we have on it. Better then to work on things we can Affect... our own actions, our own thought processes.. get out the back yard and put in a vegie patch coz you will need to supplement your food soon enough in order to save some dollars, etc.

Basically, it is time to work on yourself. Do the things you want to do that you can do now days within the very limited freedoms we still have. And.. let all others be who and where they are now without feeling the need to help or change anything... except for where it is something that you CAN change.

And that's it.. my newish outlook on life. It might sound like I am saying, "Me First!!".. and in a non-egotistic way that is what I am saying. We cannot be right for anyone else if we are not right with ourselves... fact of life... get used to it.

Oh... almost forgot... have NO EXPECTATIONS of anyone.. that way you cannot feel let down by another person.

There is method in this madness.